Who We Are

Ausflag is an apolitical, non-profit organisation seeking to promote high quality debate about Australia′s national symbols.

Ausflag was established in 1981 by Harold Scruby and other interested Australians supporting the idea of a new flag for Australia. Ausflag became incorporated as a non-profit organisation in January 1983. Ausflag′s objectives since its inception have been to secure the popular support of the Australian people for the adoption of an Australian flag, anthem, and colours.

On 19 April 1984, a proclamation by the Governor-General of Australia, Sir Ninian Stephen, saw "Advance Australia Fair" replace "God Save The Queen" as Australia′s national anthem. The same Vice-Regal proclamation adopted Green and Gold as Australia′s national colours. Until that time, the unofficial colours had been Blue and Gold; these colours remain in the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.

Ausflag′s remaining objective, with the popular support of the Australian people, is:

The adoption of a truly Australian flag, a flag which clearly and unequivocally proclaims our identity to other nations, a flag which is internationally recognisable and not confusing to other nations, and a flag which unites the Australian nation in all its diversity.

Ausflag is not and has never been anti-British. It is, simply, pro-Australian.

Since its inception, Ausflag has regularly promoted alternative designs for a new Australian flag, held public flag design competitions with significant reward, and otherwise promoted debate about Australia′s national flag through the media and public forums.

Ausflag′s three national flag design competitions were held in 1986 in The Bulletin magazine (leading up to Australia′s Bicentenary in 1988), in 1993 in The Australian after Sydney won the right to host the 2000 Olympic Games, and in 1998, when we held a Professional Flag Design Competition.

People interested in this debate can contact Ausflag by electronic mail on the Internet, or alternatively you can write to Ausflag at the address below or simply call us on the number given.

As Ausflag is supported totally by private contributions and donations, supporters of the concept of a new Australian flag are always sought to help Ausflag achieve its goals. Annual membership of Ausflag′s supporters program is $25 for adults and $15 for students and others not in full time employment. Corporate membership is $100 per annum.

If you wish to support Ausflag, please fill out our membership application form. This WWW site is just one of the many ways your support helps Ausflag advance the case for a new Australian flag.

Help us ensure that the flag which flies all over Australia is a flag which represents all Australians equally... OUR OWN FLAG.

How to contact Ausflag

Ausflag Ltd
PO Box 500

Ph: (02) 9909 8711
Fax: (02) 9909 8277
Email: ausflag@ausflag.com.au
WWW: http://www.ausflag.com.au
Ausflag Limited (Incorporated in ACT) ACN 008 581 191

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