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If you wish to become a Supporter of Ausflag Ltd, (it's free), simply fill in your details below and email them back to us. By becoming a Supporter of Ausflag, you declare that you support our Objective (below):

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If you wish to make a donation to Ausflag Ltd, you may pay by Cheque, Money Order or Credit Card. If you are paying by credit card, you may fax this form to us on (02) 9909-8277.

If you wish to post the form to us, include your cheque or credit card number and post it to:

The Secretary
Ausflag Ltd
PO Box 500
Donation $___________
I enclose my cheque, money order, or credit card number for $___________
(Please make cheques payable to Ausflag Ltd)
If paying by credit card please tick:
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