The Flag Debate

Debate about changing the Australian national flag often arouses great passions - on both sides! Recently, great debate has arisen regarding changing the flag via a referendum or plebiscite - we give you the full story!

Also included here are some articles advancing the case for change, as well as newspaper and magazine articles about the flag debate and flag developments in Australia.

In addition, Ausflag often contracts independent research organisations to carry out polls and surveys about the Australian national flag and whether a new flag should be adopted. Some of the recent poll and survey results are included here.

- Changing the Flag: Referendum or Plebiscite?
- Voting Rights Discrimination
Why some non-citizens are more equal than others?
- The Australian flag debate
Articles, Letters and Speeches
- Newspaper and Magazine Articles, Books, Media Releases
- Newspaper and Magazine Articles
- Books
- Ausflag Media Releases
- Opinion Polls
The Australian flag has now been flying for 100 years.
Is it the right symbol for the next 100?

News Poll
An online poll conducted by News Limited. This poll closed 5 September 2001.

- Growth in support for a new Australian flag 1979-1998

- Clear majority support a new flag design

- Support grows for Aboriginal elements in flag

- Overwhelming support for Advance Australia Fair

- Overwhelming support for restricting voting to citizens

- NSW State flag fails recognition test

- Majority now support a new national flag

- Preferred colours and symbols for the Australian flag

- Olympic and Commonwealth Games Gold Medalists want new flag

- New State flags?
- A New Flag for New South Wales
- The Case Against Changing the Flag
- The Australian National Flag Association
- Cartoon Corner
The lighter side of the flag debate!

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