Media Release

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Ausflag Launches a New Flag for Western Australia

Today, Ausflag sent a proposal for a new Western Australian flag to every member of the WA Parliament.

Prominent WA citizen, Janet Holmes a Court, a director of Ausflag for over two decades said: "Western Australia has a unique opportunity to be the first state in Australia to have its own flag: a flag not dominated by the Union Jack. A flag which is instantly recognisable. A flag which does not look like all the other state flags of Australia. A flag which does not make Western Australia look like a British branch office: a veritable Little Britain.

"We have matured as a state and it’s time to declare to Australia and the rest of the world that we want our own identity.

"How can we possibly promote Western Australia to the rest of the world, when our flag is dominated by the flag of a foreign nation? It implies we are still a colony. A child still clutching to the breast of Mother England.”

The Executive Director of Ausflag, Harold Scruby said: "This campaign is not anti-British. It’s passionately pro-Australian. It’s no more anti-British than when we changed our national anthem from God Save the Queen to Advance Australia Fair.”

You can see and download a copy of our proposal here

Media Contact: Harold Scruby (Executive Director): (0418) 110-011