Media Releases


Ausflag Launches a New Flag for Western Australia (Tuesday 18 January 2022)


Ausflag Launches New Australian "Commonwealth" Flag (Friday 26 January 2018)


Queen Congratulates Canada on 50th Anniversary of Their Own Flag (Thursday 19 February 2015)


Ausflag Launches the Australian Sporting Flag (25 January)


Twelve "Australians of the Year" call for a new flag (26 January)


Formerly proclaim "Waltzing Matilda" as our National Song (31 August)


Dick Smith Defaces Australian Flag (30 January)


Premier Carr asked to fly Aboriginal Flag on Harbour Bridge (23 August)
Dairy Industry Deregulation Blamed - Milky Way Replaces Southern Cross on Australian Flag (22 August)
Winners of "The Australian Flag - Professional Design Competition" Displayed in William Street Sydney (17 May)


Leading Researchers Believe British Subjects Could Roll Republic - High Court Challenge Anticipated (31 August)
Monarchists Prove Case for Australian Flag Change (18 May)
The Australian Flag Competition - Ausflag Announces People′s Choice (26 January)
The Australian Flag Competition - Background (25 January)


The Australian Flag - Professional Design Competition and Exhibition Launch at the Brisbane Town Hall (23 April)
Chair of FECCA Joins Ausflag Board (1 April)
The Australian Flag - Professional Design Competition and Exhibition. Launch at the Museum of Sydney (25 January)


True Reconciliation Can Only Take Place Under a Truly Australian Flag (28 July)
Ausflag Calls on the RSL to "Come Clean" about the Australian Flag on Anzac Day (23 April)
Nick Greiner and Nicholas Whitlam to Hoist New Australian Flag Design (27 January)


Robert Webster Joins Ausflag Board (1 December)
Prominent Citizens Call for a New NSW State Flag (22 November)
Nick Greiner Joins Ausflag Board, Elected Co-Chairman (13 October)
Deputy Prime Minister backs Ausflag campaign to proclaim Waltzing Matilda the National Song (22 September)
81% believe only Australians should vote in Elections and Referendums (16 September)
Government Accepts Ausflag Advice (27 June)
PM′s flag referendum "a crass stunt" (26 April)
Government to preserve flag in Aspic (25 April)
Sydney Lord Mayor to hoist new flag (27 January)


A new flag for NSW (26 November)
Monarchists show disrespect for the Australian flag (7 October)
Ausflag goes Internet (2 October)
Ausflag claims success (1 July)
Waltzing Matilda - National Song (6 April)
Australia Day flag display (24 January)


Australian flag myths exposed (9 December)
"The things that flutter" (9 September)
Ethnic Communities′ Council backs change of flag (29 August)
Epsilon missing from Australian flag (22 August)
International spectators confused by NZ flags (20 August)
Experts to meet on new flag design (26 April)

1993 and earlier

Winning designs in the Australian flag competition (16 December)
Judging of the Australian flag competition (8 December)
New design for the Australian flag (18 January)
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