2020 selected flag submissions

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The Green and Gold arching ribbon represents numerous aspects of Australia. Its shape is reminiscent of a boomerang and makes an A shape, not only hinting at our nation’s name but our creativity and innovation. It also symbolises a path from the past, through the present, to the future. The now gold Federation Star’s seven points represent the six states and the commonwealth territories. The blue background is the same shade as the original Australian flag, both hinting at our European colonisation, and a symbol of the sea which surrounds the land. The southern cross, a symbol of freedom and national identity, is represented in dots, reminiscent of Indigenous Australian artwork, an acknowledgement of the traditional owners of the land.
123 votes
Light blue represents Australian sea, yellow/gold represents the outback and desert, green represents the forests. Other symbols/colours are from the current flag.
119 votes
As a non-Australian, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm not trying to impose my views on your culture or country, I just love flags.
Blue: British colonial past, a reminder of the previous (current) flag, history
Green and Gold: National colors, represents the present and future of Australia as an independent, unique country.
Confederation Star: located on the top bar to represent the unity of the Commonwealth
89 votes
The green and gold represent Australia's national colours. The commonwealth star acts as a unifying symbol, that embodies Australia and unites the nation. The blue sends a link to its colonial past. Past, present and future is all incorporated in this flag, a true Australian flag that symbolises Australia as a proud nation.
146 votes
The Southern Cross is a symbol of freedom, as well as loyalty to the Australian continent. The kangaroo is Australia's national animal. It's native to Australia and represents a country moving forwards, as it cannot move backwards. It is facing left, conforming with the traditional vexillology rule where animals should face left. The sun in this flag is similar to that on the Indigenous Australian flag, showing our respect towards the owners of our land and showing our diversity. The colour scheme shows the dusty, desert continent that is Australia.
215 votes
Inspired by the Southern Horizon Flag, this flag combines the Southern Cross and Federation Star from the current Australian National Flag, and it adds the national colours: yellow, black and red of Australian Aboriginal Flag.
174 votes
Modern Australian Flag
139 votes
Based on the Eureka Flag and the Australian Federation Flag. I added yellow and green because those are the national colors.
140 votes
This revised Australian flag has a larger kangaroo. Please use and promote this flag design as the larger kangaroo is preferred.

The national colours of Australia, Dark Green & Gold are used to achieve simplicity and distinctiveness. This flag design has a ratio of 1:2, similar to the current flag. Dark Green represents the diverse Australian fauna and flora while promoting prosperity and peace for Australia's future. Gold represents the bright and hot sun shining onto Australia's dry land.
Three symbols such as the Golden Wattle, seven pointed star and Kangaroo are unique Australian identities. The Golden Wattle flower (in the canton) is native and abundant throughout the Australian outback. Six petals represent six states and a petal representing territories and future states. A seven pointed star symbolises Australia's federation since 1st January 1901. Federation star (in the canton) marks the start of a modern Australia. A kangaroo symbolises all Australian citizens while acknowledging all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people. The Kangaroo facing towards the federation star shows that Australia moves forward into the future.
A chevron canton (next to flag pole) indicates that Australia is a resourceful country whilst having abilities to maintain the environment. The canton's sharp point is shaped like a boomerang, further recognising Indigenous people's heritage. A five sided chevron proudly embraces an integrated multicultural society in Australia.
693 votes
our unique national icon symbolising strength,endurance,
our first nation peoples, on an island continent.
317 votes
This Flag symbolizes the unity of the People of Australia by displaying Uluru "the Heart of Australia" in the left hand corner. the Commonwealth star then is placed within Uluru to represent the Country and institutions of Australia that are held down upon the Earths tether. On the right hand side the Southern Cross looks down upon the Heart and Land of Australia symbolizing the Great Unending Spirit of Australia that is presiding over all the people and actions of this great country.
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