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Colours of the national flower and also the national colours of The Commonwealth of Australia
57 votes
Aura Australis. The Southern Cross is rendered with radiating golden aura scaled to represent the relative brightness of the five stars. Seen this way, the constellation can be perceived as a spiral progression, not just a static crucifix. Rendered in green and gold the circular forms also represent our golden wattle.
65 votes
Campfire by the sea. Southern Cross rising over the ocean. The golden star on the land represents the Federation Star as a uniting national campfire. Upper sky is reshaped fragment of old national flag, lower ground is band in our newer national colours, strip of aquais reminder we are the only nation that is an island continent.
66 votes
National colors: Green and gold (current official shades).

Historical flag colors: Blue and white.
(The shade of blue is lighter than the previous flag’s, implying independence)

The gold boomerang represents the heritage of the indigenous peoples and the country’s golden coasts.

The golden wattle stands for federation, 7 petals for the 6 states and the Northern Territory, as well as the natural wealth of the land.

The white 7-pointed stars symbolize the barrier reef and the 7 external territories.

The star shape in the middle of the wattle is the ACT.

The green curve is for the continent’s wildlife and the ability to preserve nature.

The large blue field displays the vast oceans around the island nation.

The simplified Southern Cross denotes the southern hemisphere.

The hoist shapes point forward and eastward towards a bright future.

The variety of colors indicates the diversity of people, nature, resources and accomplishments in the country.

Last, but not least, the lack of the color red expresses the nation’s desire for peace.
71 votes
The main feature of my design is a minimalist 'A' for 'Australia' formed by an implied ribbon which is gold on one side and green on the other. The negative triangular space in the middle serves to further express the 'A' ribbon form.

The seven-pointed white star is placed in the top-left corner (the canton) and represents the five states and two territories that make up the Commonwealth of Australia.

Pantone 280 C is used to provide visual continuity between the current Australian flag and my design in where it symbolises the bodies of water that surround Australia. My design features the Australian national colours of green (Pantone 348 C) and gold (Pantone 116 C).

The design is in the 2:1 aspect ratio.
73 votes
As per previous email with adjusts.
The flag is called the Boom-a-roo.
82 votes
A design including the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross constellation connected together by the colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag symbolising the one nation of Australia - a country aware of its history and looking positively towards a future working together as one
98 votes