Design a Truly Australian Flag

Do you think you have what it takes to design Australia's new flag?
Please use this form to submit your design/s.
step 1
Step 1. Make sure you read the Flag Designers' Guide.
This is very important so you can familiarise yourself with vexillology (flag design) or your design will not be accepted.
step 2
Step 2. Make sure you read the terms and conditions below.
It is very important you understand you are assigning copyright to Ausflag Limited.
step 2
Step 3. Submit your design below - designs should be submitted in landscape format in JPG, PNG or TIF format.

For one of the best reference books on this subject, we advise you read: “Good Flag, Bad Flag – How to Design a Great Flag” by the North American Vexillological Association

Click the image below to view the Ted Talk

Have you submitted a design in the last 6 months and had trouble sending it to us or not had a response? If so we invite you to please re-submit your design.
A valid email address must be submitted. We will email you a validation link that you must click on to verify your address before your design will be accepted.

If you wish to send us a design or designs, please read the terms and conditions below:

  1. You must submit only one flag design per uploaded image. Single images containing more than one flag design will be automatically rejected.
  2. By submitting your design to Ausflag, you are declaring that you are the designer of that flag, it is your original creation, and that you have complete copyright ownership of same. You are not allowed to submit designs which are not your own work or submit designs on behalf of others.
  3. Designs which do not broadly adhere to the principles of good flag design as outlined in our Flag Designers' Guide (see Step 1 on this page) will be rejected.
  4. Designs which in the opinion of the Ausflag Design Committee are frivolous will be rejected.

If your design passes the above criteria, the design or designs will be sent to our expert Design Committee for review and possible selection by Ausflag for publication on this website or otherwise used in an Ausflag promotion.

You may submit more than one flag design, or variations of a single design (e.g. alternate colours) however please be aware that it is extremely unlikely that more than one design from a single designer will be approved. If multiple designs are submitted, the Ausflag Design committee will make the decision as to which of the submitted designs, if any, will be selected. Hence if there is one particular design you would prefer be chosen, then please submit only that design.

If our Design Committee believes that your design(s) is (are) worthy of promotion by Ausflag, you agree that copyright in your design(s) is automatically and irrevocably assigned to Ausflag Ltd upon publication on the Ausflag website or publication in any Ausflag promotion. The reason for assigning copyright to Ausflag is to avoid any future dispute over ownership or right to promote a particular design. If Ausflag uses its resources and influence to promote a particular design, or indeed the government of the day wishes to adopt a flag we promote as the new Australian national flag, Ausflag cannot and will not be placed in the position where it is held to ransom by the designer. If you do not wish to assign copyright to Ausflag Ltd then do not submit your flag design to us.

Ausflag may, from time to time, cease promoting or publishing a design which has previously been selected for publication or promotion by Ausflag. In this situation, Ausflag Ltd retains the assigned copyright to the flag design. No correspondence will be entered into by Ausflag regarding the cessation of promotion of any particular design.

If Ausflag rejects your submitted design and never promotes or publishes it, you retain copyright in that design.

If you do not hear from us, please understand that Ausflag receives an enormous number of flag designs every week. Unfortunately many of these designs are either the same or very similar to flag designs already received and promoted by Ausflag, submitted by others, or they do not meet the basic requirements of heraldry and vexillology.

Thank you for supporting the cause and your contribution towards the creation of "Our Own Flag".

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