AusFlag: Professional Design Competition Winners

Professional Design Competition Winners

Franck Gentil Flag

Franck Gentil
Lewisham, New South Wales
  First Prize - Judges' Choice

The overall winner of the Ausflag Professional Design Competition, as chosen by our judging panel, is design number 92:

The Ausflag Professional Design Competition Assessment Panel, like the Australian people, were stuck between the Southern Cross and the kangaroo being the preferred symbol for the new Australian flag. But in the end, the Judges chose the pure simplicity of Franck Gentil's Southern Cross design, which features the large golden Federation Star in the place of the Union Jack.

It is an evolution of our current flag design, reatining the features which Australians love, but making the flag truly Australian. It even appeals to the traditionalists by restoring Australia's heraldic colours of blue and gold, as appear in the torse of our Coat of Arms, to our national flag. Ausflag extends its congratulations to Mr. Gentil for producing a striking yet simple flag design. Please read our Media Release.

Franck Gentil Flag

George Margaritis
Richmond, Victoria
  Second Prize - Judges' Choice

This design is a variation of Mr. Margaritis' orginal entry, Design 76, which won the people's choice segment (see below). The kangaroo is now pointing in the correct 'advance' direction and the Commonwealth Star has been placed in the canton.

Franck Gentil Flag

Peter Lambert
Ballarat, Victoria Third Prize - Judges' Choice

This design is a variation of Mr. Lambert's orginal entry, Design 73 which was one of the ten Judges' finalists. The southern cross has been rendered in a more representational form and a single gold stripe has been placed at the bottom.

Franck Gentil Flag

George Margaritis
Richmond, Victoria
  First Prize - Peoples' Choice

The results of the nationwide vote for the top 20 designs were announced on Australia Day 1999. The winning design, with 11622 votes, was Design 76 entered by George Margaritis.

Franck Gentil Flag

Neville Cowland and Judith North
Werribee, Victoria
  Second Prize - Peoples' Choice

The second placed Peoples' Choice design, with 6251 votes, was Design 47 entered by Neville Cowland and Judith North.

Franck Gentil Flag

Ausflag (Harold Scruby)
Neutral Bay, New South Wales
  Third Prize - Peoples' Choice

The third placed Peoples' Choice design, with 6081 votes, was Design 108, an Ausflag design by Harold Scruby.

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