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The right cylinder is used to show the other passion of the founder. The music box plays three classic rock songs - Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin; Angie, by the Rolling Stones; and Should I Stay or Should I Go, by the Clash. This is a unique choice, and one that you wouldn't expect to hear in a music box. But it makes sense, given the unusual nature of the item, the other songs, its radical design, and breitling transocean replica's policy of making products that stand out.

A common main-plate with two movements with their own cylinders, combs, and windingEven though the story behind the six melodies selected is simple, the methods used to make MuciMachine play them with such rich, clear, and powerful sound are much more complex. Each of the two "starship's" cylinders is part of a different movement,breitling transocean replica and each has its own winding knob in the form of a propeller. Each cylinder is made up of 1,400 minute pins that are hand-applied and polished. It is also attached to the appropriate combing, which allows the reproduction of 72 tones total required to reproduce melodies. The push-piece activates the mechanism that plays the theme. Cylinders start rotating and their pins begin to pluck the pins on their respective combs.

Two movements are mounted onto a baseplate of nickel-plated brass embellished in the Cotes de Geneva design. Each movement has its own mainspring and regulator, and as has already been stated, each has its own cylinder, comb, and regulator. All of these components, including the main-plate are nickel-plated brass. Only the combs are made from steel alloy and led (lead for bass notes). Even the combs have vibration plates made of brass.

The movements have two functions. The first is to start or stop a melody. The second is to choose if you want to continue or repeat the score. A cylinder must make one full rotation to play the melody (each song lasts exactly 36 seconds). Both barrels that correspond to a cylinder are nickel-plated brass in keeping with the theme.rolex replica The twin structure behind the piece is the reason that both barrels store the same power reserve, which allows the music to play for 15 minutes.

MusicMachine2 is not the full story of how it works. The soundboard of MusicMachine2 was built to have such distinct properties. It was more difficult than the mechanical movements used to reproduce melody. The construction of MusicMachine2's soundboard is the secret to the rich, opulent sound. The luthier Jeanmichel Capt, who despite some similarities in the name has nothing in common with Star Trek's fictional Captain Jean-Luc Picard), invented the mechanism. The music box's supreme quality is largely due to the Capt's creation of a soundboard that combines both classic and modern techniques. The central part is made from Nomex, which is a honeycomb-structured variation of Kevlar. On the other hand, the classic knowledge of creating musical instruments is represented by the use of spruce trees that wrap Nomex from both sides in a sandwich-like fashion and glue in a traditional manner with resin.