Ausflag's 1997 Flag Compaign

flag 1997

Flag Proportion: 1:2

This flag is a modification by Harold Scruby of Ausflag of Anthony Burton′s design and concept in Ausflag′s 1993 flag design competition.

It is an evolutionary design utilising the Australian colours and elements of the existing flag. This approach results from a survey conducted by AGB-McNair, which revealed that of those who wanted a new Australian Flag, most wanted to retain the Southern Cross and the red, white and blue colours.

While this is not intended to be the definitive design for a new Australian Flag, it is an example of how the elements of the Southern Cross and the red, white and blue can be brought together to create a unique and inspiring design.

Nick Greiner and Nicholas Whitlam to Hoist New Australian Flag Design
(Ausflag Media Release)

Big guns raise the Southern Cross, flagship for a new millennium
The Sydney Morning Herald, 28 January 1997.

Too Few Salute the Flag
The Sydney Morning Herald, Editorial, 28 January 1997.

The cross still stars on Auflag no. 9
The Australian, 28 January 1997, p.2.

A new flag design that fits like an old pair of jeans
The Daily Telegraph, 28 January 1997, p.5

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