A New Flag for New South Wales

Ausflag commenced a major campaign in November 1996 to seek public support for a new flag for the state of New South Wales.

The current NSW flag is a British Blue Ensign, defaced with the New South Wales badge, adopted in 1876 to conform with the requirements of the British Colonial Naval Defence Act of 1865. No specific meaning or symbolism for the badge was given when the design was sent to London for approval.

In 1995, the Sydney Morning Herald published a poll indicating that only 12% of NSW residents could describe their own state flag, and even when shown the design, not even a majority could identify it. The current NSW flag is clearly a failure in terms of public identification and its lack of public use indicates little enthusiasm for it.

Ausflag′s campaign for a new NSW flag seeks to find a better flag for NSW, one which has popular support and unmistakably identifies the state.

NSW Flag Designs

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A New Flag for New South Wales
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