Waltzing Matilda for National song

Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in The Weekend Australian 18-19 February 1995.

While most people want Advance Australia Fair to remain our national anthem, it appears there are many who like Waltzing Matilda. There may be an option that may please most Australians.

Until 1984 we had a national anthem (God Save The Queen) and a national song (Advance Australia Fair). After the latter was proclaimed the national anthem we were left with no national song, yet the precedent and tradition remain. Many nations have national anthems and national songs: the former are mostly used on formal and solemn occasions and the latter on more informal and joyous occasions.

Waltzing Matilda is a most emotional and moving tune. Its formal recognition as a national song is likely to prove very popular and encourage its wider use. Perhaps this is an issue that can be embraced by all sides of politics.

Director, Ausflag
Neutral Bay, NSW

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