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Voting Rights Discrimination

The issue of who has the right to vote in Australian elections, referenda and plebiscites is of direct interest to Ausflag.

An overwhelming majority of Australians believe that only Australian Citizens should have voting rights, but this is not the case in practice. Certain non-citizens have voting rights in Australia, whilst other non-citizens are discriminated against by having no voting rights. This discrimination is based upon national origin.

This section details this little-known sting in Australia's electoral laws that goes to the heart of just who should have the right to change our Government, Constitution, or flag.

? Who should vote?
A summary of the issues by Carol Foley, author of The Australian Flag.
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  Harold Scruby
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  Harold Scruby
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  Peter Collins
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  Fatal Shore Reversed – British Convicts Sent Home.
Scruby calls on Abbott to "Please Explain"

(30 July 2000)
  Leading Researchers Believe British Subjects
Could Roll Republic – High Court Challenge Anticipated

(31 August 1999)
  Ausflag and FECCA Call on Constitutional Convention
to Ensure a Non-Discriminatory Vote for the Republic and the Flag

(6 February 1998)
  81% believe only Australians should vote in Elections and Referendums
(16 September 1996)
  Government Accepts Ausflag Advice
(27 June 1996)