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Changing the Flags: Referendum or Plebiscite?

The Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, recently announced his Government's intention to legislate so that the Australian flag can only be changed through a vote of the Australian people. This move has increased debate about our flag and when and how it should be changed, particularly with reference to the issue of a referendum versus a plebiscite.

This section contains many news reports and information about this issue, and what part Ausflag has played in the most recent events.

Flags Amendment Bill 1996 – and subsequent Parliamentary debates
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister – 28 March 1996
Reply – 22 August 1996
Australian Democrats support a Plebiscite
Who should have the right to vote in a plebiscite?
Ausflag's Petition to Federal Parliament
Ausflag's Media Releases
Government Accepts Ausflag Advice (27 June 1996)
PM's flag referendum "a crass stunt" (26 April 1996)
Government to preserve flag in aspic (25 April 1996)
  Rally 'round the flag
The Sydney Morning Herald, Editorial, 28 June 1996, p.18.
Flag idea waives all logic
The Australian, 20 June 1996, p.13.
Unfurling a new image
The Melbourne Age, 3 May 1996.
Labor proposes ban on UK flag
The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 April 1996, p.8.
Flag waving
The Sydney Morning Herald, Editorial, 29 April 1996, p.16.
Let's have an Aussie only vote on the flag
The Sun-Herald, 28 April 1996, p.20.
Fate of the flag separate issue
The Brisbane Courier Mail, Editorial, 27 April 1996.
PM's flag law plan annoys Ausflag
The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 April 1996, p.3.
PM's flag call branded crass
The Brisbane Courier Mail, 26 April 1996.
Lawyers question Howard flag plan
The Australian, 26 April 1996, p.1.
Howard sets his position on the flag
The Australian, Editorial, 26 April 1996, p.12.
Howard moves to block flag change
The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 1996, p.4
Howard to protect the flag
The Australian, 25 April 1996, p.1.
No flag change without a vote
The Melbourne Age, 25 April 1996.