Reconciliation Flag

Reconciliation Flag

Flag Proportion: 2:3

This flag was designed by Brendan Jones, an active campaigner for a new Australian flag who was recently made an Associate of Ausflag.

Harold Scruby, Executive Director of Ausflag, believes this flag is one of the few that successfully exemplifies a sprit of reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians and recognises Australia′s heritage.

With very large public support for the inclusion of Aboriginal symbolism in a new Australian flag, this is the kind of flag which could be a very strong contender for a new Australian flag.

Reconciliation is achieved by the progression across the flag of the Aboriginal and European colours - black, gold, red, white and blue. The common colour, red, is in the middle of the five, suggesting a meeting of minds with reciprocal respect. Our national heritage is also therefore represented in the flag without it appropriating either the Aboriginal flag or the Union Jack.

The boomerang device gives the flag a uniquely Australian identity, whilst blue and Gold also represent Australia′s traditional Heraldic Colours, taken from the torse of Australia′s Coat of Arms.

The Southern Cross is retained in exactly the same form as it currently appears to provide continuity with our current flag. The Southern Cross in this form has also become strongly identified with Australia and is extremely popular.

Finally, the 7 pointed Commonwealth star, representing the six original states with one point for all future states and territories, is given pride of place at the vexillological honour point – the upper hoist or canton of the flag.

The Federation star represents the unity and purpose of the Australian nation, its sovereignty as derived from its people, and forms a symbol of the embodiment of our democracy. By placing it in the honour position of the flag, it forges an Australian nation in which all citizens strive towards a common goal of a prosperous, peaceful, and tolerant nation.

Flag design © Brendan Jones 1995

A downloadable poster of this flag with description is available from Brendan Jones′ New Australian Flags page. Also at this site are proposed flag designs for each of the Australian states and a photograph of the above flag design flying on a flagpole.

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