Tuesday 18 May 1999

Monarchists Prove Case for Australian Flag Change

"The Australian Monarchist League today proved quite unequivocally that the Australian Flag must change," the Executive Director of Ausflag, Mr Harold Scruby said today.

"For years the monarchists have been denying that the Australian flag is confused with other British colonial ensigns, particularly the flag of New Zealand.

"Today, they have proudly published the New Zealand flag on their web-site, mistaking it for the Australian flag, under the heading - ′Appeal: The threat to Democracy in the English Speaking Nations.′

When Prime Minister Hawke went to Canada in 1984, Ottawa was festooned with NZ flags. There have been dozens of other occasions when the NZ flag has been mistakenly raised instead of the Australian flag. If the monarchists can′t tell the difference, then no-one ever will!

"It′s time for an urgent change to Our Own Flag," Mr Scruby said.


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