The Turnbull Letters

turnbull photo   Until 1994 Malcolm Turnbull was a Director of Ausflag, promoting the cause of a new Australian flag. When he found a new cause (the Australian Republican Movement), he dumped on ours and his resignation was sought and received. When his republican cause was rejected by the voters in 1999, he dumped on the Liberal Prime Minister John Howard, who he said would be remembered only for "breaking the nation's heart".

But then the Liberal Party became his new cause, becoming the party's national Treasurer. He then added a few thousand Liberal Party members to the Federal seat of Wentworth in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs (Australia's richest electorate) in order to gain preselection for the 2004 election, turfing out the incumbent Liberal member and monarchist Peter King.

Mr Turnbull nearly managed to give the seat to Labor for the first time in its history. He conjured up a swing of 10.3% away from the Liberals, forcing Wentworth to go to preferences, and turning it into a marginal seat. He is now a loyal member of the government led by the man he publicly denigrated in 1999.

In order to improve his perception among the conservative Liberal Party Establishment, Mr Turnbull joined our main adversary in the flag debate - The Australian National Flag Association - in August 2004. His amazing transformation apparently complete.

Early warning of Turnbull changing horses
Fax to Harold Scruby, 5 April 1993

Turnbull runs a flag exhibition anyway
January - February 1996

Turnbull stars in double-cross on flag
Article in The Australian, 20 August 2004

ANFA gets excited
John Vaughan, ANFA, tries to goad Ausflag

Ausflag's response
In your dreams, John

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