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Kerry Jones proves Ausflag is right

turnbull photo   Kerry Jones, the Executive Director of Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy, is rabidly opposed to changing the Australian Flag – but the only thing she appears to care about is the Union Jack. The rest of the flag is seemingly irrelevant as far as Kerry is concerned if her knowledge of the current flag is any guide.

She has completely lost any credibility on this subject. How on earth can she claim to love and "defend" the current flag when she cannot even accurately describe it? Twice now she has had the opportunity to publicly demonstrate she has sound knowledge about the current Australian flag – and twice she has failed.

The fact that rabid monarchists, like Kerry Jones and the Australian Monarchist League cannot explain how the current Australian flag is different to the flag of New Zealand, or seem incapable of accurately describing its main features, proves finally and irrefutably Ausflag's case: The current Australian flag is confusing, not distinctive, and undeniably colonial.

If Australia's staunchest defenders of our defaced British Ensign cannot get it right, then what hope do other Australians and the rest of the World have? We need a new flag NOW!

Thank you Monarchists, thank you Kerry Jones - you have finally shown us to have been right all along.

Kerry Flunks Flag Test #1
The "Milky Way" makes a surprise appearance.

Kerry Flunks Flag Test #2
"I'm not an expert on how many stars there are in the Southern Cross"
Listen to the interview (Quicktime movie, 7 min 23 sec, 2.4 MB)

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