Growth in support for a new Australian flag 1979-1998

Support for a new Australian flag has risen to its highest recorded levels, according a recent Morgan poll. For the first time ever, an absolute majority of Australians now believe we should adopt a new flag.

Morgan Research has been polling Australians on the question of a new flag since 1979, and the increasing support for a new flag over this time is undeniable as shown in the graph below. This is no short term or temporary phenomenon - the graph lines have crossed and the growing mood for a new Australian flag is now unstoppable.

Should Australia have a new design for the national flag?

Poll Results 1979 –1998

  27 32 39 42 39 36 52

  63 63 55 52 57 56 44

  10 5 6 6 4 8 4

Support for a new flag in australia

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