Wednesday 23rd August 2000

Premier Carr asked to fly Aboriginal Flag on Harbour Bridge

The Executive Director of Ausflag, Mr Harold Scruby said today: "Ausflag congratulates our fellow Board Member, Cathy Freeman, on her magnificent achievement in winning the Olympic Gold Medal for Australia in the Women′s 400 metres.

"Cathy has spectacularly advanced the cause and spirit of Reconciliation. In recognition of her achievement and in the spirit of Reconciliation, we call upon Premier Bob Carr and his Government to fly the Aboriginal Flag, next to the Australian Flag, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, until the conclusion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"The Aboriginal Flag was formerly proclaimed as an official Australian flag by the Governor-General in 1995 and has equivalent status to the NSW Flag.

"Flying it next to the Australian Flag will show the world that the Australian people want and embrace Reconciliation and graphically demonstrate that those who have previously denounced and vigorously opposed the proclamation and use of the Aboriginal Flag, including the Prime Minister, are completely out of touch with the mood which is sweeping our nation," Mr Scruby said.

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