2023 selected flag submissions

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The flag features:
- A gold and green field (Australia's national color)
- A Commonwealth Star, symbolising Australian independence.
- A boomerang, symbolizing Aboriginal people's inalienable place in Australian society
- The Southern Cross
108 votes
A simple flag of Southern Cross and Republic Star (eight points for 6states + territories + voice) in National colours with refreshed star emblems. The broad 2:1 flag represents the encompassing Australian sky as a memorable diptych of Sun & Stars or Day & Night.
158 votes
My redesign keeps the southern cross, star of federation, and current colours of the Australian flag and deletes the Union Jack. I think the design is clean and recognisable that easily allows for the RAAF, Navy, and Red Ensign variations.
22 votes
The title is Golden Horizon. Similar to other popular designs holding many similar characteristics of the current flag. The federation commonwealth star in gold to have the same symbolism as the current flag as well as the colour connection to the Aboriginal flag. The southern cross to continue with the blue night sky background colour. The golden stripe to symbolise golden soil as per the national anthem, alongside a green stripe bringing the appearance of grass and being grounded. The green also connects to the Torres Strait Islander flag.
161 votes
Australian Red, Gold and Green. Red for the land, green for the bush and tropical waters, yellow for the sun. Green and gold for the wattle and national colours. Red and yellow incorporates colours from the Aboriginal flag. The curved band of yellow circles denotes the wattle flower, the timeless movement of the sun across the ancient continent, alluding also to recognisable aboriginal iconography. The Southern Cross connects us to our region and the current national flag. A warm, inclusive and fresh beginning for a future Republic of Australia.
201 votes
The primary symbol, at the hoist, is the Southern Cross, because it is THE symbol of Australian nationalism. It is depicted in the familiar constellation form and same colours, as on the current Australian Blue Ensign flag.
The fly consists of eight (8) green and gold, horizontal stripes to represent the six States and two self-governing Territories of Australia. The stripes are a substitute for the Commonwealth Star as a symbol of our Federation.
A chevron edge of the hoist pale creates a visual sense of progress / advancement, and points along the flag’s horizontal axis, adding to the symmetry of the design.
207 votes
Green and gold stripes - the Australian national colours / Black pale - the Aboriginal Australians / White stars - the Southern Cross, British heritage
183 votes
This flag design shows the Southern Cross in the sky, overlooking the Federation Star, representing the States and Territories of the Commonwealth of Australia. Colours are our current national colours - Green: PANTONE®348C and Gold: PANTONE®116C. I believe the design is reversible in colours and viewpoint.
230 votes
A simple flag in the national colours of green and gold. A green field with a gold 7-pointed star (as per the Commonwealth Star on the current flag), drawn in the style of indigenous art.
333 votes
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