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The chevron points towards a bright future, with our national colours of green and gold. The Southern Cross is a symbol that is widely recognised and represents all Australians and flies in a beautiful sea of blue that not only represents our country being an island but also the night sky in which the constellation can be viewed.
257 votes
A simple, traditional horizontal tricolour of blue, gold and green, with the Southern Cross placed in the canton.
The upper half represents the current flag, with the same shade of blue and the Southern Cross. No need for a separate Commonwealth Star, as four of the stars are already shown in the 7-pointed format to represent the 6 States plus the Territories. The lower half is divided equally in Green and Gold, our national colours.
I have seen similar flag proposals before, but not with these proportions.
312 votes
Using the Ausflag 'Commonwealth Flag' as the starting point, this flag fills the void in the lower hoist section with a parabolic representation of a portion of Uluru. Based on the colours of the current national flag, it includes the iconic Southern Cross, the Commonwealth Star and a stylised Uluru.
(The parabolic shape may cause some construction issues.)
418 votes
A simple, straightforward, minimalist design based on the Southern Cross, a revered symbol in both the indigenous and settler cultures, intentionally made bolder to make it look spirited and unmistakable.
362 votes
The chevron in the hoist of the flag symbolizes Australia's pioneering spirit, ever moving forward. It features an authentically australian color scheme of green and gold, with a Commonwealth star in the position of highest honor, as a symbol of unity. The fly remains the familiar Southern Cross against a dark blue sky, for the dark nights of the outback.
420 votes
The black symbolises the first nations peoples, as the land will firstly, and always belong to them. The gold arrow points forward to the future, the golden yellow sands of our coast, and fields, as well as the wealth of our country. The shape is also representative of a boomerang. The background is a deep blue, like the ocean and sky surrounding us, as well as a visual echo to the current flag. The Commonwealth star symbolises our federation and modern nation, striving for unity and progress ever upward.

I wanted my design to echo the current flags but not be too much of a mashup of any of them, retaining simple and strong motifs and values of each.
382 votes
As the Flag design, I used the the National Colors of Green and Yellow, but also white, blue and Red, the red is the symbolism of giving the aboriginal people finally some representation in the flag, I also used the soft blue used before in the old flag not only as a reminder of colonization but also as a sign of hope, and it looks calming so I used it too, and in the middle we have the well known Stars that represent the Southern Cross
363 votes
Green & Gold are the national colours of Australia. The tone of blue is the same from the one found on the Eureka Flag. The star in the canton is the Commonwealth Star, symbolising the federation of Australia, and the Southern Cross is a national symbol of Australia
400 votes
The inspiration to design this flag came from a desire to better understand where i live and to represent the people i live with, in Australia.
The group of seven stars, symbolize, the world.
The five smaller whole stars represent the people who have come from any of the other five populated continents, who now live in Australia.The hollow star represents Antarctica, it is hollow because no people came from it. The largest star is the federation star representing the six original states and the Territories of Australia, down under as a nation continent and as the seventh continent of earth.
The line pushing the federation star away from the world is the Wallace line,the biogeographic boundary that separates Australia from Asia (it has not been joined to another continent for 70 Million years), which we must acknowledge to preserve our agriculture & our unique native plants and animals.
The Wallace Line also illustrates the mystery and extraordinary achievement, as to how the first people arrived here,as it symbolizes that there was always a sea barrier between Asia & Australia.
452 votes
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