The inspiration to design this flag came from a desire to better understand where i live and to represent the people i live with, in Australia.
The group of seven stars, symbolize, the world.
The five smaller whole stars represent the people who have come from any of the other five populated continents, who now live in Australia.The hollow star represents Antarctica, it is hollow because no people came from it. The largest star is the federation star representing the six original states and the Territories of Australia, down under as a nation continent and as the seventh continent of earth.
The line pushing the federation star away from the world is the Wallace line,the biogeographic boundary that separates Australia from Asia (it has not been joined to another continent for 70 Million years), which we must acknowledge to preserve our agriculture & our unique native plants and animals.
The Wallace Line also illustrates the mystery and extraordinary achievement, as to how the first people arrived here,as it symbolizes that there was always a sea barrier between Asia & Australia.
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