This revised Australian flag has a larger kangaroo. Please use and promote this flag design as the larger kangaroo is preferred.

The national colours of Australia, Dark Green & Gold are used to achieve simplicity and distinctiveness. This flag design has a ratio of 1:2, similar to the current flag. Dark Green represents the diverse Australian fauna and flora while promoting prosperity and peace for Australia's future. Gold represents the bright and hot sun shining onto Australia's dry land.
Three symbols such as the Golden Wattle, seven pointed star and Kangaroo are unique Australian identities. The Golden Wattle flower (in the canton) is native and abundant throughout the Australian outback. Six petals represent six states and a petal representing territories and future states. A seven pointed star symbolises Australia's federation since 1st January 1901. Federation star (in the canton) marks the start of a modern Australia. A kangaroo symbolises all Australian citizens while acknowledging all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people. The Kangaroo facing towards the federation star shows that Australia moves forward into the future.
A chevron canton (next to flag pole) indicates that Australia is a resourceful country whilst having abilities to maintain the environment. The canton's sharp point is shaped like a boomerang, further recognising Indigenous people's heritage. A five sided chevron proudly embraces an integrated multicultural society in Australia.
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