The gold boomerang represents the indigenous peoples of Australia and their heritage, pointing towards a bright future into the sky and stars,
as well as resembling the continent's golden coasts, which also shows the nations abilities to preserve the beauty of the land.
The blue field represents the fact that the nation is surrounded by water, the green interior is attached hoist side to suggest that the island has a solid foundation since it is also a continent.
The stars in the blue field represent the precious wildlife in the Great Barrier Reef as well as the many islands off the coast.
The green symbolizes the diverse and unique nature of the continent.
The Federation star is a part of the southern cross to show the nation's connections to its past as well as its independence.
The stars all have one edge pointing outward from each other indicating an expanding future, as well as the largest star on the green field suggesting the wealth the land has to offer.
The white stars and the lack of the color red is to show the peaceful intentions of the nation. The red color was part of past flags and the war associated with it is left to history.
The variety of colors indicates the diversity of people, nature, resources and accomplishments in the country.
The shades of green and gold are the national colors of Australia and the blue and white are the only things remaining from the previous flag.
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