Submitting this not as my design but as a variation on your 1986 winner, which is the best you have ever come up with. I really donít want the flag changed at all but 1986 was the most tolerable non divisive you have ever come up with.

However, seeing as Green and Gold are now the official national colours as opposed to the old Blue and Gold on the coat of arms, may I suggest you make the horizontal bars green and gold and of equal proportions instead.

I think on any new flag that the Southern Cross should occupy the left part of the flag.


Green and Gold: Derived from the Wattle, they represent all Australians equally, having been here before all occupants and present in all parts of Australia.

Southern Cross: As per the Wattle, represents all Australians equally, was here before all other occupants, is mentioned in Aboriginal Dreamtime mythology and has been a national symbol since European settlement. It also represents our geographical place in the world in the Southern Hemisphere, and compared to other Pacific nations, its seven pointed stars represent the seven States and Territories of Australia, making this version of the Southern Cross uniquely ours and also eliminates the need for a Federation Star. Should the composition of the Commonwealth change, the points of the stars can be added or subtracted accordingly.

Blue field: Signifies a nation continent surrounded completely by sea and sky, also reflective and recognising previous ensigns of Australia.

Simple, striking, vexillogically correct and non-divisive.
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