The Australian Flag Debate

Ausflag presents here a number of articles, speeches and Letters to the Editor advancing the case for a new Australian flag or discussing issues related to the national flag and the Australian identity.

  - Britain's legacy flies in the face of public opinion
The Age, 30 January 1997.
  - Unfurling a new image
The Age, 3 May 1996.
  - Only a redesigned flag signals our independence
The Australian, 11 April 1995.
  - Run up a new flag for Sydney Olympics
  - Flag of inconvenience?
The Australian, 25 September 1993.
    > Symbolism Trap
The Australian, 1 July 1997.
    > Myopics of the Year
The Weekend Australian, 31 May - 1 June 1997.
    > Our Divisive Flag
The Age, 27 January 1997.
    > Flag Day
The Australian, 6 September 1996.
    > Roo and Emu
The Australian, 16 April 1996.
    > Waltzing Matilda for National Song
The Weekend Australian, 18-19 February 1995.
    > We have fought under other flags for decades
The Australian, 9 May 1995.
- A word of advice from Wales
Robyn Lewis
- A flag for all Australians
Lois O'Donoghue
- Sydney City supports a new flag
Frank Sartor (Mayoral Minute)
- Aboriginal flag a symbol of reconciliation
Patrick Dodson.
- Australia needs a new flag
Gough Whitlam
- Australia must fly the flag of the future
Shaun Carney
- Unfurl the Southern Cross
Sir Richard Kirby
- An erstwhile ensign
Henry Reynolds
  - Britain's legacy flies in the face of public opinion
  - Mere Minutiae
  - A New Flag for a New Era?

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