Air Force Ensign 1949-1982

Air Force Ensign 1949-1982

Flag Adopted: 1949
Flag Proportion: 1:2

Until 1949 the RAAF used the ensign of the Royal Air Force of Britain. In 1948 it was decided to adopt a new design for the Air Force Ensign of Australia to prevent confusion. The new design was drawn up by Britain′s College of Heralds and was based upon the Australian Government flag of the time (Blue Ensign).

The new Air Force Ensign consisted of a light blue (`Air Force Blue′) British Ensign defaced with the Commonwealth star, Southern Cross, and RAF roundel. The Southern Cross was tilted and the RAF roundel reduced in size and moved to the lower fly to fit on the flag.

The flag was approved by King George VI in 1948 and the RAAF commenced usage of the new flag in Australia in 1949.

Flag artwork courtesy of Mark Sensen.


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