Ausflag would like to thank to following people and organisations for assisting in the production of these World Wide Web pages:

  • Tony Burton of the Australian Flag Society who reviewed all of the material at this site for accuracy, especially those sections on Indigenous Australian flags.
  • Brendan Jones, whose original Flags of Australia WWW pages provided the inspiration for this site. Dr Jones prepared all of the artwork at this site and is the Ausflag site webmaster.
  • Ralph Kelly, an eminent flag historian who reviewed all of the information at this site for accuracy. Ausflag would especially like to thank Mr Kelly for his permission to heavily draw upon his extensive research on State Badges (1865-1904) for the sections on historical State flags.
  • Harold Scruby, Executive Director for Ausflag, who wrote the material for the Ausflag section and who coordinated Ausflag's expansion onto the World Wide Web. Mr Scruby's tireless efforts to promote the cause of a new Australian flag are also recognised.
  • Many thanks to Lorenzo Poletto and his staff at Nice and Easy Multimedia for generating all of the beautiful animated flag images at this site.
  • Finally, many thanks to OzEmail and particularly Joe Kennedy and Ian Sibbald of OzEmail for their kind assistance and support in getting Ausflag connected to the Internet.
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