Media Release

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Support for the Australian Flag Falls to 30%

Australia Day - Tuesday 26 January 2016

A new national poll conducted by I-view has found that support for the Australian Flag has fallen to its lowest level ever. The survey asked the following question: "The New Zealand and Fiji governments are considering removing the Union Jack from their national flags. If an appropriate design could be found, would you be in favour of a new Australian flag, without the Union Jack?" The results were as follows:

Yes 41%
No 30%
Unsure 29%

A Morgan Poll in 2010 showed only 29% supported a new flag, 66% opposed, and 5% were unsure.

The Executive Director of Ausflag, Harold Scruby said: "This survey proves that our national flag has failed its primary purpose - to unite the nation. It is clearly a divisive flag. Had even one third of those who were unsure voted yes, there would have been an absolute majority wanting a new flag. It′s almost impossible to imagine any other developed nation where a such a large proportion of the population would want to change their flag.

"Should New Zealand and Fiji dump the Union Jack, Australia and Tuvalu (population 8,000) will be the only nations left in the 53 members of the Commonwealth which still fly British Ensigns as their national flags.

"Prime Minister Turnbull recently said our future depends on us becoming an innovative nation. How on earth can we achieve this goal when our primary symbol is dominated by the flag of another nation? It tells the world we′ve been unable to grow up. It screams out to our competitors and other nations that we are still a child clutching at the bosom of Mother England: A veritable British branch office.

"We call on all our politicians to follow the lead of Prime Minister John Key and commence a national debate on our flag and develop design alternatives.

"Additionally, there′s nothing on our flag which gives appropriate recognition to the original inhabitants of our land, or the millions of non-British migrants who have made us what we are today. It′s so uninspiring that when he came to Australia, Jerry Seinfeld acerbically observed: ′I love the Australian flag ... Britain at night.′

"We are a proud, sovereign, mature, independent nation. We deserve a flag which says so ... unequivocally and irrefutably. And Australia Day 2016 is the perfect day on which to get our politicians to lead us to that exciting and inspirational objective." Mr Scruby said.

Contact: Harold Scruby (0418) 110-011