A Letter from Peter Collins QC MP,
Leader of the Opposition, NSW

18th February 1998
Mr Harold Scruby
Executive Director
Ausflag Limited
PO Box 500
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Dear Harold,

Thank you for your letter pointing out the anomoly of non-citizens being entitled to vote on issues such as the republic and the flag.

I share your belief that it would be a tragedy if the result of a crucial national vote is affected by the votes of non-citizens.

The issue is an important one which should be dealt with by the Federal Parliament as it debates the outcome of the Convention and considers legislation to establish next year's referendum.

I would be delighted to help you promote your cause in any appropriate way.

Please feel free to contact my policy advisor, Mr Andrew Maiden, to discuss the matter as necessary.

Yours Sincerely


Peter Collins QC MP
Leader of the Opposition