Howard moves to block flag change

The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 1996, p.4.

The Federal Government is drawing up legislation to ensure the Australian flag cannot be altered without a national vote. The legislation will be introduced into Parliament within the next few weeks.

The Prime Minister, Mr John Howard, has highlighted the move in his Anzac Day statement. He had given a commitment during the election campaign to protect "our national symbol" and was acting promptly on the promise.

"Legislation will be introduced early in the life of the new Parliament, which resumes on Tuesday, to ensure that the Australian Flag cannot be changed without the approval of all the Australian people voting at a referendum of plebiscite," he said. "This will mean no politician, no political party and no special interest group will be able to tamper with the design of our flag. "It also means that as thousands of young children line the streets of cities and country towns tomorrow waving our flag, all Australians can be assured that no one will be able to change our national symbol without the nation's consent."

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