2018 selected flag submissions

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A dynamic new flag for a nation united under the Southern Cross. The Blue is symbolic of the oceans's that surround our island. The Gold is symbolic of Australia's national flower - the Golden Wattle. The Gold is also symbolic of the Australian spirit, and the richness of our land. The diagonal shapes are symbolic of ocean meeting land. The seven pointed stars of the Southern Cross symbolise the states and territories that unite Australia and Australian's. The Southern Cross is also symbolic of a constellation of Australian's, past, present and future. The seven pointed Green star is symbolic of our Federation and our pride in being Australian.
30 votes
Evolutionary not revolutionary. The southern cross is moved to the left with the Commonwealth Star centralised, filled with gold/yellow and moved to the right on a 1/2 green banner background. The colour of the commonwealth star also represents the sun of the Aboriginal Flag. The state flags could also use the same design replacing the Commonwealth Star/green background with the relevant state symbols.
159 votes