Few know what State flag looks like, poll shows

Sydney Morning Herald, 23 November 1995, p.5.

By Milton Cockburn

Only 12 percent of people living in NSW can describe their State′s flag, according to a special Herald-AGB McNair Poll. This is despite the fact that when asked 53 per cent said they knew what the NSW flag looked like. However, recognition of the flag was better, but still poor, when respondents to the poll were shown six flags, each of which included a blue background and the Union Jack. Only 43 per cent were able to identify which one was the NSW flag

The NSW flag is a Blue Ensign with the Union Jack in the left-hand corner and the Red Cross of St George on a circular white ground. On the centre of the cross is a golden lion and on each arm of the cross is an eight-pointed gold star.

Of those surveyed 11 per cent nominated the Victorian flag as the NSW flag and 8 per cent the Hong Kong flag (see accompanying table). Recognition of the flag was greatest in the 18-24 years group (49 per cent) and the 40-54 years group (44 per cent). It was least in the 14-17 years group and among those aged 55 and over. The NSW-wide poll of 454 people, from age 14 and upwards was conducted in face-to-face inter views over two weekends on August 25-27 and October 13-15, 1995.

The executive director of Ausflag, Mr Harold Scruby, said the survey demonstrated how much NSW could benefit from an identifiable flag which sold NSW to other States and the rest of the world. "If we can′t recognise it ourselves, how can we expect the rest of the world to do so?" he said.

Who owns this flag? (Illustration of NSW flag)
Falkland Islands 2%
Tasmania 2%
Queensland 3%
Hong Kong 8%
Victoria 11%
Don′t Know 31%
NSW 43%
About the Poll

Date Pollster: Sample size: Sample spread: Method: Margin of error:
Aug 25-27, Oct 13-15
Face to face
Approx 4%
Questions: 1. "Do you know what the NSW flag looks like?"
2. "Could you please describe the NSW flag?"
3. "Looking at these six flags, can you tell me which one is the NSW flag?"