Fatal Shore Reversed – British Convicts Sent Home.
Scruby calls on Abbott to "Please Explain"

MEDIA RELEASE. Sunday 30th July 2000

The Executive Director of Ausflag, Mr Harold Scruby said today: "For over fifteen years, Ausflag has been campaigning to persuade the Government to legislate, in order that the 300,000-plus British subjects who migrated to Australia between 1949 and 1984 be required to become Australian citizens for the right and privilege of voting in our elections and referenda.

"These people have all been invited, ad nauseam, to become Australians citizens. But unlike all the other nationalities who have migrated to Australia, they have been granted the extraordinary and discriminatory right to vote in state and federal elections and referenda.

"In August 1996, an AC Nielsen poll found that 81% of respondents believed that 'only Australians should have the right to vote at Australian elections and referendums'. Yet in September 1999, the Federal Minister for Employment Services, Mr Tony Abbott, issued a Media Release, accusing me of 'a grubby combination of ethnic cleansing and ballot rigging', because Ausflag was considering a High Court challenge to stop British subjects from voting in the forthcoming referendum. Abbott added: 'Scruby doesn't want British born people to have the right to vote. What other rights do republicans want to take away?'

"In a bizarre twist, which now proves our point and the hypocrisy of Mr Abbott's outrageous claims, a British subject from Mr Abbott's own electorate, who has lived in Australia for over 30 years, is married to an Australian woman, has three Australian children, has just been sent back to the UK by Mr Abbott's Government. The man in question was jailed for four years for drug dealing. His appeals to remain in Australia, to all and sundry, including the Minister for Immigration, Mr Phillip Ruddock, fell on deaf ears. Mr Ruddock acted impartially and properly and treated this man as he would any other foreigner.

"This should serve as a timely warning to all such British subjects living in Australia. Mr Abbott is wrong. His claim: 'Like other migrants, they regard themselves as fully Australian...' is nonsense and misleading. They're not Australians. As this case so unequivocally proves; they're foreigners. And if they misbehave while living in Australia as our guests, they will be sent home. Abbott's own (monarchist) Government has 'taken away' far more than this man's voting rights. But had the man in question accepted Australia's many invitations and 'bothered' to take out Australian citizenship during the 25 years, before being sent to jail, he could not have been deported.

"Ausflag calls on the Federal Government to immediately reconsider this most important issue. We believe all British subjects who currently have these discriminatory and anomalous voting rights should be given a reasonable period in which to become Australian citizens, after which they should be removed from the rolls. No foreigner should have the right to determine our destiny, at elections or referenda.

"And Ausflag requests an immediate 'Please Explain' and a humble apology from Mr Abbott.' Mr Scruby said.

Federal Member For Warringah
Minister For Employment Services

MEDIA RELEASE. September 1, 1999

Ethnic Cleansing to help the Republic

The leading republican activist Harold Scruby says he is considering a High Court challenge to stop British subjects from voting in the coming referendum.

These people have been on the electoral roll for decades - since the days when there was little or no distinction between their status and that of Australian citizen. Like other migrants, they regard themselves as fully Australian and wider Australian law (at least as it was interpreted in pre-republican movement times) have always been fully entitled to vote.

In trying to throw people off the electoral rolls, republicans like Scruby are engaged in a grubby combination of ethnic cleansing and ballot rigging. Scruby doesn't want some British born people to have the right to vote. What other rights do republicans want to take away?

Where do the leaders of the republican movement stand on Scruby's latest proposal? Messrs Turnbull, Beazley and Keating still haven't repudiated Scruby's declaration that republicans were running dead on the Flag but would crank up their anti-Flag campaign after the referendum. Do they support Scruby's attempt to ethnically cleanse the electoral roll too?

Tony Abbott  

Sydney Morning Herald
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Thursday 2 September 2000

Little did we realise when we said nominate our prize idiots... the clear winner (twice the number of the nearest rival), the man who will be king, is a man who will appreciate the value of royalty. He was named by readers for his fevered monarchist stance, his fear campaign on the flag and quite possibly for just being him. When we asked you in a headline to tick the idiot box we received torn-out pictures of him with a big tick across his face. We bow to your voting, Sydney has spoken – arise Tony Abbott, King Idiot.