A Letter from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board

21 May 1996
Mr Harold C W Scruby
Executive Director
PO Box 500

Dear Harold,

Many thanks for your letter of 15 May and the enclosures. I agree entirely with your proposition that non-citizens should be prevented from voting in crucial referenda on issues like the republic and the flag. I personally do not think they should be accorded a vote in any of our elections.

The points made by Irene Moss in her letter of 1989 are most pertinent and could make for interesting matters before the Courts.

I agree with the view put in Phil Ruddock's letter that it would be very difficult to deal with matters retrospectively nevertheless I do think that in any legislation enacted to deal with republic or flag questions it would be possible to ensure that only citizens voted. Proof of citizen identity would have to be sorted out but I do not believe that this is too difficult to arrange. I agree that this issue is one which should be canvassed far more widely as part of the ongoing public debate.

Yours sincerely


Chris Puplick
21 May 1996