Letter from John Vaughan, Australian National Flag Association, To Ausflag

Mr Harold Scruby
Executive Director
Ausflag Limited

Dear Mr Scruby

I was most interested to read the article written by journalist, Mr Mike Steketee, in The Australian newspaper, 20 August 2004, Turnbull stars in double-cross on flag.

As Mr Malcolm Turnbull was a long term director and contributor of Ausflag Limited, his decision to join the Australian National Flag Association (ANFA) and declare his support for the traditional Australian National Flag of "Stars and Crosses" is most significant. Mr Turnbull is, I believe, well attuned to the views of the Australian community. The Australian flag, now 103 years old, is our permanent, chief national symbol by law, custom and tradition. Our flag will be proudly inherited by future generations of Australians.

Mr Scruby, as time for changing The Flag is now gone, I call upon you to acknowledge reality and immediately close-down the Ausflag website and end all other activities of Ausflag Limited. You may care to consider donating any surplus funds to the worthy, non-profit, school educational undertakings of the Australian National Flag Association. The donation would be gratefully acknowledged.

Like Mr Turnbull, you may wish to become a member of ANFA. You application would be duly considered.

Yours sincerely

John C Vaughan